Bouchet 2010


Bouchet 2010- Style of mead where the honey has been caramelized before fermentation. Labor intensive, it can take hours to achieve the right consistency, color and flavor. A sweet dessert style Mead reminiscent of summer nights gathered ’round the bonfire with rich, full flavors of caramel, toffee and marshmallow.
Alcohol- 11.5% ABV

Sweetness Level- Sweet

Serving Temperature- Lightly chilled

Food Pairing- Sip alone or with medium to sharp cheeses

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Bouchet- A sweet dessert style Mead made by caramelizing honey before fermentation. Rich, full flavors of caramel, toffee and marshmallow

Alcohol- 11.5% ABV

Sweetness Level- Sweet

Serving Temperature- Lightly chilled

Food Pairing- Sip alone or with a medium to sharp cheese

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