What is Mead

IMG_3959Mead (honey wine) is an alcoholic drink made from honey, water and yeast.

Mead-making pre-dates beer and wine making, having origins dating back 8,000 years. Mead (honey wine) was considered a sacred drink in many early cultures in every corner of the world. Mead (honey wine) has been the drink of Celebrations since the Renaissance!

Just like traditional grape wines, there are many styles or types of mead (honey wine). Not all wines taste alike (that would be very boring!) All mead, honey wines are not the same. Mead or honey wine can be very dry and robust or sweet and refreshing. Find one to suit your taste and the join the celebration!
At White Winter Winery, our meads (honey wine) are made sustainably using local fruits and honey.

Mead has been called Nectar of the Gods, or the Drink of Celebration. The term “Honeymoon” comes from the tradition of giving the newlywed couple a “moon’s” supply of honey wine to insure a fruitful union. Sweet Mead was especially prized for the honeymoon because it was believed that the “sweeter” the Mead the more “fruitful” the union.

Styles of Mead

Traditional Mead: Honey Wine
While some may call this a basic mead, there’s not simple or basic about it’s taste and aroma.  Once you taste it you’ll know why it’s called the Nectar of the Gods!   White Winter Winery varieties include: Dry Mead, Sweet Mead and Sweet Mead Reserve.

Melomel: Mead, Honey Wine with Fruit!
A mead with fruit added at the time of fermentation. In centuries past most of the honey was reserved for the Mead of religious ceremonies and the King. As a result the common people began to mix fruit with their mead to make it last longer.
White Winter Winery varieties include: Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Black Currant.

Cyser: Mead, Honey & Cider Wine
The staple drink of the early Church. Honey and apple cider fermented to create a stronger drink than everyday cider.White Winter Winery varieties include Cyser and limited release Barrel Aged Cyser.

Pyment: Mead, Honey & Grape Wine
A mead made of grapes and honey. Early Romans and Greeks often added honey to their grape wines to produce a higher alcohol strength than was possible with grapes of the day.
White Winter Winery has made Shanna’s Blush (not currently available)

Metheglin: Mead, Honey Wine with spices
Herbs and spices added to Mead. The word metheglin comes from the Welsh word “Medclyglin” meaning medicine. White Winter Winery is not currently making a metheglin.

Brackett: Mead, Honey and Malt Drink
Explorers to Scandinavia discovered a local drink made from honey and grain. When malt is added to Mead, Brackett or Braggot is the result. A stout drink that represents a link between Mead and Ale.  White Winter Winery varieties of Brackett include Traditional and Oak.