Please stop in for a Spirits sampling. Sorry, we cannot ship any distilled spirits.

All White Winter spirits are double distilled in our 100 liter hand hammered copper alembic pot still. This is considered a very simple still consisting of a pot, the head or helmet, the arm, worm cooling coil and cooling pot. You can see it from the observation window at the back of the cellar area from the tasting room.

White Winter makes both brown spirits and white spirits. Brown spirits are barrel aged or laid on some species of wood such as oak, apple, or maple. Examples of brown spirits include brandies, whiskies and bourbon.

White spirits are typically unaged spirits, not laid on wood or aged in a barrel. They are typically clear, like water, and are ready to drink within a few weeks of distillation. They are fun and interesting to drink because they retain the flavor and aroma of the base wash or product they are distilled from. Examples of white spirits would be eau de vie brandies, schnapps, grappa, and white dog which is an unaged whiskey.

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