A Little Lonely Around Here

Well, spring at White Winter Winery, the in-between season, the shoulder season, the season to get odds and ends done before the big summer push. I am alone for the past 3 days and the following 12 as Kim and Selena left for a mother-daughter trip during the slow time. In some ways nice and quiet, but really, its quite a lonely feeling without their laughter, and company. “Sigh”, just feeling sorry for myself, eh? (think I am turning into part Canadian, eh?)

So the last of the grape brandy is going into the still this week while the weather is still a little chilly, we are after all in Iron River, in the far northwest corner of Wisconsin. The  last of the traditional mead goes in next week. I received a special order from Black Swan Barrels in MN this morning, so exciting! Apple wood with a medium toast for resting in our distilled cyser/cider, can’t wait to see how it will turn out! Basically apple brandy, laid on apple wood, yummm! A real “Drink Deep, Live Wise”  experience, bringing it all back together, for a unique and intriguing taste experience. Some time I will need to write about wood aging in barrel versus laid in wood aging. Interesting discussion involving the TTB rules on distilling honey based products that makes no sense in the real world. But that’s for another blog post so you will keep coming back.

Ok, off to check the still, touch up the chain saw blade, and cut up a tree in the side yard that blew down. There are after all, a few more wood burning days left in our future up here in the north country. Remember to join us for our 20 year party on July 2nd, 2016 here at White Winter Winery. We will have some new releases and fun stuff going on.

See ya for now!