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Posts by Jon Hamilton

Friends and Reflections

Today is Thursday June 30, 2016. We are on the 48 hour count-down to our 20 year anniversary party on Saturday July 2, 2016. What a ride its been! People are coming in for the holiday weekend already, busy day. Find lodging at The cellar rats are cranking out the last of the labeling…

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A Note To Our Veterans

While I did not participate in any memorial services directly this weekend, I always take the time to reflect on what we have here in this beautiful country and who to thank for it. Our veterans, and our active service personnel who give so graciously of their lives and time to preserve the lifestyle we…

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A Little Lonely Around Here

Well, spring at White Winter Winery, the in-between season, the shoulder season, the season to get odds and ends done before the big summer push. I am alone for the past 3 days and the following 12 as Kim and Selena left for a mother-daughter trip during the slow time. In some ways nice and…

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Tai Chi Moment Lasts a Lifetime

So I wrote this really snappy blog post a moment ago to let you know about the tai chi class we are doing here at the winery. Of course, true to form, one errant moment of trying to upload the flyer and the entire post disappeared! Now I am even more stressed out, trying to…

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Just a Little More Spirit

On behalf of White Winter Winery, and all craft distillers, we need your support to reduce the excise tax on small distillers. This legislation was introduced but not adopted last year. The language is being reintroduced by Senator Wyden and Senator Blunt as an amendment to The Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2016 (SB.…

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Push, Push, Push

Fall and Soooo much to do! Thank the Goddess I have help in the back, thanks Kari and Sara! The processing of nearly 3000 gallons of cider continues with the first run coming off of fines, filtering, into the carbonating tank, into kegs and off to fine establishments like Thirsty Pagan Brewing in Superior, WI.…

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This weather is crazy! 25F one day, 70F the next, the daily average is supposed to be 55F! Who cares? Any day without snow in Iron River, Wisconsin is a bonus at this point in the year!  And I still have work to do on the 41 International with no heated garage. Not much, just…

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Fall Smells Like The Sweet Death of Bugs

A PDQ poll found most people saying fall smells like leaves, musty, crisp, the sweet smell of death of all the bugs (!!!). To me it smells like apples in every way. Apples and apple trees, sweet and aromatic, pressed apples, and most of all the smell of freshly pressed fermenting apples at White Winter…

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