white_winter_winery_truckThis weather is crazy! 25F one day, 70F the next, the daily average is supposed to be 55F! Who cares? Any day without snow in Iron River, Wisconsin is a bonus at this point in the year!  And I still have work to do on the 41 International with no heated garage. Not much, just a fuel pump rebuild and replacement, maybe pick up a few things in the yard and forget the leaves.

Fall is my favorite time of year, the smell of dead bugs notwithstanding. Crisp and clear make it dear. Off for an early movie with my gal this afternoon, dinner tonight and a walk, I hope. Don’t tell anyone, they all think we have a meeting in Duluth! Business is business even if its a little monkey business, right?!

Drink Deep, Live Wise. Our motto at White Winter Winery. Do it every day.