Friends and Reflections

Today is Thursday June 30, 2016.

We are on the 48 hour count-down to our 20 year anniversary party on Saturday July 2, 2016. What a ride its been! People are coming in for the holiday weekend already, busy day. Find lodging at

The cellar rats are cranking out the last of the labeling and bottling today and tomorrow for the releases on Sat. What a great crew! They have pumped out no less then:

2004, 2005, 2010 2012 Sweet Mead Reserves

2009, 2010 Mead Bouchet

Hopped cider and Oaked cider

Session Meads in sweet and blueberry

Bourbon Barrel Cyser


Apple and Honey layed on apple wood

Black Currant and Honey layed on oak

Blueberry Eau de Vie

Are there more? I can hardly keep track of them all. If you are a mead knob, White Winter Winery in Iron River Wisconsin is the place to be on Sat!

Not to mention Music by my friend and mentor Joe Lindzius, Russ Darwin, Cellar Boys, The Buddy Scott Blues Band, gourmet hotdogs from Fifield Grocery and Gourmet brats from Jims meats!

How do those hashtag things work anyway? #goodmead, #goodcider, #goodspirits, #happyanniversary