Push, Push, Push

Fall and Soooo much to do! Thank the Goddess I have help in the back, thanks Kari and Sara! The processing of nearly 3000 gallons of cider continues with the first run coming off of fines, filtering, into the carbonating tank, into kegs and off to fine establishments like Thirsty Pagan Brewing in Superior, WI. Did I mention they have great pizza, and some of the best brews in the Twin Ports of Duluth, Mn and Superior, Wi? Live music every night, especially good music on Sunday nights from 6-9 p.m. Yours truly on harp in the corner! Come on out and see us, I may even have a coupon for you if I see you drinking White Winter hard cider.

But, I digress. Black mead is soon to be bottled as well, as we wrap up the finishing touches for another fine run this year. Lets see I guess the ladies also pressed a small amount of raspberries yesterday too. You may have seen the pics on the winery Face Book page here. The entire shop, front and back, was bathed in the essence of raspberries! Should be another good year for raspberry mead. I hope you all can grab a bottle and try it soon, the mortgage is due again after all!

Lets see, what else did we do this week? Its only Thursday morning….Oh yeah, we made a small batch of My Faire Lady! Its bubbling away in the open top fermenters, just having a fine time of things. Between the raspberry aroma and the smell of honey we are all walking around with smiles. I love the taste and smell of newly extracted honey right out of the tank. It is so different then the store bought ultra-filtered junk.  We try to always buy local when we can. One of our suppliers, John Nohr, is located near New Auburn, WI. We have been buying from him for 10 years or more and are now buying from his son, Israel. Seems odd, but after nearly 20 years in business we are seeing the generations turn in many different ways, some good, some very sad. I will share some of the sad news about generations turning in an upcoming post. I just need a little more time to gather my emotions into some sort of cohesive meaning.

That’ it for now. I am on my way to Minneapolis to help my folks move into a new assisted living apartment. Long trip, but it will be great to see them,  my sisters, nieces, nephews and assorted others in the family.

Remember to always Drink Deep, Live Wise.