Tai Chi Moment Lasts a Lifetime

So I wroJPEG_IronRiver_May2016te this really snappy blog post a moment ago to let you know about the tai chi class we are doing here at the winery. Of course, true to form, one errant moment of trying to upload the flyer and the entire post disappeared! Now I am even more stressed out, trying to recall what I just wrote, can’t recall exactly what it said, but it was really snappy and you would have enjoyed it, I’m sure. Now you get this, just a rant on the whole thing. But it illustrates the need for all of us to step back, take a deep breath and relax.

Now is your chance to take care of yourself in just a little way, join us for tai chi, maybe a little mead, some good company, while we all CALM DOWN, just a little bit, eh?