I love blues, makes me all at once happy

jon_hamilton_harmonicaAnd here it is, the first snow of the season and barely the middle of November! Could be a long one for sure, but if we didn’t like it, we wouldn’t live here, right?……Right?!

Kim and I spent the first half of the day clearing snow at the house and the shop, shuffling the truck back to the house, lunch, a nap and back to the shop to finish out the day cooking spirits, filtering and listening to blues!

I love blues, makes me all at once happy and sad and every other kind of feeling. Probably a good thing it’s a slow customer day, I would probably scare everyone away with my singing! But hey, as my good friend and music buddy Joe Lindzius says, sing it and play it like it was your last day alive! Good advice Joe, no matter what we do in a day. So anybody else like the blues? I have a nice 6 string Alveraz in the back and I usually have my harps here, lets sit down and play a few tunes while yer here. We can play it like it’s the last time we ever will, indeed it just may be.