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Pamper Me; Deer Widow’s Party NOVEMBER 20TH

Spend a delightful evening sampling mead, cheese & other goodies while perusing the wonderful product from many in-home vendors you know and love! Get introduced to new exciting ideas and products for family, friends and especially YOU!

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The cellar is filling up with new fruit

The middle of October for all intents, hard to believe the year has gone so fast. The cellar is filling up with new fruit, the smells changing almost daily from the fresh sweet scent of strawberries, blueberries, and honey to the yeasty qualities of fermenting must, mingled with coffee, laughter and the heat from cooking…

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I love blues, makes me all at once happy

And here it is, the first snow of the season and barely the middle of November! Could be a long one for sure, but if we didn’t like it, we wouldn’t live here, right?……Right?! Kim and I spent the first half of the day clearing snow at the house and the shop, shuffling the truck…

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